Swim School

Swim School

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At burraneer bay swim school we pride our selves on our personal service.

Our swim teachers are the most experienced in the area. Most of our teachers have
over 10 years experience.

Morning Program (Monday to Saturday)


Parent and Child (6 months to 2 Years)

To show children and parents how to have respect for the water, to feel confident in the water and to set a good foundation for the learning of swimming skills in the future. Introduction to submersion, kicking and floating on their backs. Toys, games and songs are used to assist with making it a happy and enjoyable experience.

WC/WD (18 months to 3 years)

These are similar to parent and child classes except the parent is now out of the water. This allows the child to be more independent. Basic survival skills are taught: Blow Bubbles, Front and Back kick without a board, jumping to teacher, back floating, breathe to the front is taught first. The emphasis is still on fun and getting familiar with the teacher and the water. Early stages of side breathing and strait arm freestyle with are kickboard are introduced.

Beginner LTS(Approx 3-5 Years)

Extension of the above. Learning to kick independently with a board. Bubble and breathe to side with board, head down, arms over. Back kicking with board. Whole Freestyle stroke (Bubble Arm, Breathing Arm) is introduced, torpedo kicking, floating and kicking on back unaided.

LTS(Approx 3-5 Years)

Straight arm freestyle and backstroke are taught at this level. This is achieved with drills and the progressive part method of teaching. Individual and group work is included. Repetition and endurance are important to a satisfactory level. Progression towards swimming the length of the pool. Positive reinforcement and confidence are important and are encouraged at all times.

Advanced LTS(Kind Squad)

A continuance on freestyle and backstroke with attention to strong kick, good body position when breathing, correct timing of freestyle breathing, increased endurance of stroke contributes to better control technique.


Afternoon program


Stage 1 – Beginner Learn to Swim

Four per class, ½ hour lesson. After the water survival, bubbles and breathe with facedown is taught with heavy concentration on kickboard work with lots of drills and an introduction to backstroke.

Stage 2 – Learn to Swim

Four per class, ½ hour lesson. Concentrating on putting whole freestyle stroke together. Straight arms, breathe to side, good/strong kick, plus backstroke is taught through the stages.

BRONZE – Junior Swim Squad

Six per class, ½ hour lesson. Basic freestyle and backstroke drills are done to consolidate good stroke and good kick, they will now be swimming the length of the pool with short intervals at the end. An instructor is still in the water with them individually correcting their stroke.

SILVER – Swim Squad

Eight per class, 45 minute lesson. Bi-Lateral technique commences, breathing on both sides. The complete breaststroke techniques are introduced along with the introduction of butterfly kick.

GOLD – Swim Squad

At this squad level, they should be comfortable swimming all four strokes. Drills are done on all strokes, fitness conditioning worked on and longer length swims are introduced. Each child is individually trained throughout the session, with the coach out of the pool to ensure all parts of the strokes are perfected.